Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leo Update -- Now Bodhi

I had heard from Leo's foster mom, several months ago, that Leo went to a home in Pennsylvania. Today I heard from the woman that adopted him in mid-August. His name became Bodhi, and he has been a great source of joy as an integral member of his forever family! Bodhi's mom shared lot of pictures of him!

She also shared her blog entry from the day she introduced him to her world:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Update from Richmond

After getting checked out by the closest 24 hour animal hospital, Leo was picked up by his rescue, Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue (ARCBCR) on Thursday afternoon, and he was taken back to Richmond. (His foster parents left for a previously scheduled trip out of the country a day before we found out that he was hanging out at the Best Western.) They sent an update and a couple of cute pictures . . . to add to all the other pictures of this adorable boy.

Leo is doing GREAT and VERY happy to be back!

He had an exciting couple of days as Emily went to Alexandria to pick him up from the vet that next afternoon, he stayed the night with her and then the next day, Diane went to pick him up at Emily's, then he came to my house where everyone was meeting... I put him in my backyard and he made himself right at home and was just smiling as he was so happy to see someone he already knew! He romped around the yard then settled in on the basement floor very content with himself... little bugger!!

Then his original foster Mom, Sandy, came over... well as you can imagine there were tears of joy and relief shed for the little guy as we thought for sure we would never see him again! He greeted Sandy with lots of tails wags and smiles... :-)

He then went back to Sandy's where I saw him yesterday and he was very content and happy once again. He was limping a bit on his back leg from his previous injury so we are going to have that checked out and then post him for adoption to hopefully find him a forever safe home that will love him dearly.

ARCBCR can not say THANK YOU enough to the volunteers and everyone involved in the recovery of our boy ... Please tell EVERYONE, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! His recovery would NEVER had happened without all your hours of hard work and dedication, Leo thanks you and so do all of us!

With deepest appreciation for everything!

And finally, a group of Team Leo members got together Sunday evening (June 19th) for dinner at Altantis in the Bradlee shopping center in Alexandria. We had a great time relaying what we each remembered of those last days -- and late nights -- that zipped by so fast we almost missed them. We recommend to everyone that you try it some day: getting together with some total strangers to locate and recover a lost dog that you've never met before. It's good stuff!!!

PS We are pulling down the signs posted around Alexandria and Arlington. Please help by pulling down any you see that we miss! Thanks!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Pics!

Leo Pictures

We have a few pictures!
Here's one prior to capture, of Leo near the trap:

Want to see what a dog looks like within an hour after he comes off a 5 1/2 week run? Here you go!
Why would this boy run?????? I have no idea!!!!!

More photos to come!!!

Thursday Afternoon Brief Update

Update: I found out that, after getting checked out by the vet, the decision was made to leave Leo to board overnight at the 24-hour vet in Alexandria, to which he was taken, until arrangements were made for ARCBCR to pick him up today. He was badly in need of a bath! But everyone agrees - he's a LOVE! On the ride to the vet center, he would lean on one person while reaching over to kiss another. He was clearly SOOOO relieved to be in safe hands at long last.

Pictures: Will come as soon as possible! There are some pictures from the hours leading up to his capture that pumped up the volunteers during a tense time (thanks to Jim Poor for the camera donation a year ago!) and then hopefully more pictures following the capture.

Celebration: If anything calls for a celebration, this is it! But we know that if we don't do it soon, it won't be done. So, with all of the critical participants that we want at the celebration, we will have an impossible time scheduling one that everyone can be at. Please do your best to keep open the evening of Sunday, June 19th for that celebration. Can you recommend a food establishment in Shirlington? A club house at a nearby community? Please use the Comments for any suggestions as soon as possible, and stay tuned for the time and location!

One Last Fundraising Push: Clearly, there were MANY players that contributed to the success of this mission (and I intend to eventually provide a list!) but there's one in particular that we want to fundraise for so that the rescue organization's funds aren't depleted (any more than necessary) to cover her services. Those close to the operation know I'm speaking of Sam Connelly of Pure Gold Pet Trackers, whose help we couldn't have done it without. Sam was there to consult with when we needed insight into how Leo might be reacting to what was happening around him. She pulled the two consecutive all-nighters to come from Baltimore to build the trap that eventually contained Leo; monitor it, break it down, and then come back and do it again. She strategized and re-strategized with our volunteer team, and "pulled the trigger" at the moment needed to contain him! She returned a third day to break down the trap and deliver our first (traditional) trap to the person we borrowed it from. We want to see her be as richly rewarded as possible for her invaluable contributions, so please -- donate to her through ARCBCR (see menu at right) or bring cash to the celebration on Sunday. She promises to be there!

Back later with a fuller update!

Nancy Despeaux

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Got 'im!!!!!!!

Wow! That was fun!!!

Sure, easy for me to say from Myrtle Beach where I am this week. It was tense for the volunteers, and it took a lot of man hours, a lot of tasks, a lot of patience. But we got the dog! It went down something like this:

A custom trap - that looks more like a small dumpster than a trap - was rebuilt at the site by Sam for the second night in a row. It required monitoring because while it traps a pet, with a little time, the pet can collect himself and figure out how to get out of it.

Now, earlier in the evening when he was hovering around this enclosure trap, Leo had bumped up against it and the door shut. So, Sam decided to rigged so that, rather than Leo tripping the plate inside it when he was eating his feast, she would pull the door shut at the right instant after he entered it. The problem was that she couldn't really see him from her best possible angle. So the plan became that volunteers would be in phone contact her while watching Leo from the second floor balcony. True to the plan, when he was all the way inside the trap, volunteers gave her instructions to pull. She did, and it went off without a hitch!

As we've seen before, he was actually, apparently, relieved when he could no longer run! Not surprisingly, he's a sweetie who licked everyone around - including the male volunteer (we'd gotten word that he might have some problem with males).

Leo was spirited right to a 24 hour vet, where he is now. His rescue organization is making plans to pick him up.

Watch this site later on Thursday for word about (1) a celebration we'd like to have, probably at a Village at Shirlington establishment, probably Sunday eveningj and (2) fundraising to cover the cost of payment to Sam with Pure Gold Pet Trackers. Tune back in for that.

Thanks to everyone for your support and your volunteer efforts, your well wishes, and for being a part of the Leo recovery effort!

Nancy Despeaux

Wednesday Update

If you've been checking for updates over the last few days and been disappointed that there have been none, this time it's not for lack of hustle bustle activity on the part of many volunteers! There's been so much activity that blog posts would need to be updated almost as soon as they are published. But here's the latest:

After establishing Leo's location first via a stray dog sighting called in to Arlington Animal Control, who were aware of Leo, then keeping him there via the set up and monitoring of a feeding station, we had a sighting by a volunteer. With 24 hours having passed since that sighting, we are bringing the lost pet tracker back to trail Leo's scent. (Leo's collar was found by volunteers, by the way, where it appeared to have gotten caught when he was trying to get water. The collar is now being used for a scent article.)

We are now seeking new contributions to cover the cost of the tracker, so please click on the icon at left for ARCBCR, Leo's rescue, organization, if you can be a part of a successful track by helping fund it.

Fingers crossed for a good report after tonight's track!

UPDATE WEDNESDAY EVENING: when our volunteer checked the camera this afternoon, it became more than clear that Leo had never left the area at all. Some of the MANY photos will be posted to the blog later.

This development resulted in cancellation of the track as it would no longer be necessary. So the trap is back in play tonight.

My last text message from the site volunteer had him hovering around the trap. I'm waiting for another update.

So, hopefully he goes in, and his time on the run ends. Cross your fingers, and gets your pets to cross their paws!